Hi new friends, welcome to the House of Hodgins.

I’m Kat—a Vancouver writer and chocoholic who loves adventures, being active in the great outdoors, and my small family of delightful weirdos. In the House of Hodgins, happiness is a DIY project and our goal is to create it every day.

My husband, Dan, and I have been together since 2015 and our marriage is pretty darn great. Like most things in our lives, we’re basically figuring out how to have a successful relationship day-by-day, but we’re awesome at making memories and having a marvelous time along the way.

We aren’t a fancy bunch. We don’t try to keep up with the Joneses (who are the Joneses anyway?) and we believe in making a life in the offbeat Hodgins way. We’ve aligned living within our means with living the dream, and we’re all the better for it. Both Dan and I hustle from home as freelance writers and small business owners.

In 2019, we made a tiny human, so you can expect to come across posts on how we’re bumbling through parenthood. Like a lot of couples, we have all of these wonderful ideas of how we plan to raise our daughter—I’m more than prepared to eat a lot of my own words and conveniently “forget” some entries on the list of things I swore I would never do as a parent.

We do what we can to add kindness to the world we live in, both with metaphoric sunshine and optimism, but also by doing what we can to add good karma where we’re able.

Join us for our fun adventures, advice, and ideas on cultivating a great relationship, lessons we’ve learned from parenting, and other stories.

A Bit More About Each of Us


Hey, me again. I’m the primary writer for House of Hodgins. I’ve been a freelance writer since 2011 writing on all things from keeping fit in the winter to different types of insulation for your home. If I’m not plugging away on some content, I’m likely playing outside with Dan and Wee Hodgins making memories.


When Dan isn’t tending to his website, E-bike Troop, he’s helping behind the scenes on House of Hodgins. In his free time, he’ll likely be found creekside panning for gold under his alias Prospector Dan or Gold Pan Dan.

Wee Hodgins

Since she’s new to the House, we don’t have much to tell you about Wee Hodgins just yet but we’ll keep you posted when she’s able to form some opinions and determine her likes. Her current hobbies include kicking Kat from the inside and squeezing Kat’s bladder.